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‘It Only Takes a Split Second’

National Kidsafe Day


Kidsafe Australia today warned a split second is all it takes for a child to be seriously injured, with on average 3 Australian children dying every week from preventable injuries. 

The warning comes as part of National Kidsafe Day as Kidsafe highlights some of the lesser known causes of injury which can happen in a split second.

A cup of hot tea or coffee left in reach of a child; backyard swimming pool gates left open; household cleaners found under the sink; handbags containing medications; a car reversing out of a driveway and accessible button batteries are some of the hazards that can change the life of a family in the blink of an eye.

While the number of children who die from unintentional injury has reduced dramatically from the average of 14 children per week in 1979 when Kidsafe was established, there is still much work to be done.

The key message this National Kidsafe Day – 24 October 2017 - is that ‘child safety is no accident.’ The majority of serious injuries that can change lives in just a split second, are preventable.

A recently published snapshot of Child Injury in Australia revealed that in a 10 year period:

Ø  On average, over 60,000 children under 16 years of age were hospitalised  per year due to an injury

Ø  The total hospital cost of injury hospitalisations of children during the ten year period was $2.1 billion - $212 million annually, and an average cost per child of $3,119.

Ø  Children had a higher risk of dying from their injury if they were   10 years old, lived in regional or remote Australia, were injured in a transport incident, following drowning and submersion, or sustained a head injury.


Kidsafe Australia President, Martin Botros said, “Although more children die each year from injuries than cancer and asthma combined, it’s still not a topic that is widely discussed in the community.”


As part of National Kidsafe Day, Kidsafe is highlighting just how quickly these incidents can occur – you can find out more information, as well as donating to support Kidsafe’s mission at


And remember, Child Safety is no Accident!


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Mitchell R, Curtis K, Foster K. A 10-year review of the characteristics and health outcomes of injury-related hospitalisations of children in Australia. Day of Difference Foundation. University of Sydney. 5th May 2017