Birth to 6 Months

At each stage of your babies development new safety risks are presented. Children roll over, reach for objects, grasp, put objects in their mouth and may be sitting up.

The following is a list of safety hints for children aged from birth to 6 months of age. Visit the Kidsafe House for examples and more information.

  • Ensure you adjust your car restraint as your baby grows.

  • Where possible purchase baby furniture that conforms to Australian Standards and always assemble to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Choose a firm mattress that fits the cot snuggly.

  • Never leave young babies and toddlers unattended on a bed, bench, change table or other baby furniture.

  • Never place a baby on a waterbed or beanbag – small children have smothered.

  • Keep hot things out of child’s reach and ensure tap hot water is safe at 50oC.

  • Always supervise your child around water. A child can drown in as little as 5 cm of water
  • Ensure swimming pools are properly fenced and safety gates close properly.
  • Remove ribbons, cords and small objects from your child’s reach to prevent strangulation and choking.

  • Have emergency numbers by the phone.

  • Choose age appropriate toys without small parts