Child Restraints fitting instruction cards

Car seat and booster step by step guides

These Step by Step guides were developed by Kidsafe ACT, and have kindly allowed us to adapt them for use in Tasmania. Their re-design and printing has been supported and sponsored by the Tasmanian ROAD SAFETY ADVISORY COUNCIL - TOWARDS ZERO.

Everyday use

These first four show in easy to follow steps how to correctly use a restraint once it is installed in the car. Correct daily use ensures children are travelling safely every trip with a correctly adjusted and tightened harness. These are great for Grandparents or other people who use the car seats when you're not there to help. Pop in to Kidsafe Tasmania for a hard copy to be stored with the car seat for quick access.

Step by Step - Infant Carriers


Infant Carrier Step by Step SP


Step by Step - Rear-facing Car Seats


Rearward Facing Carseats SP


Step by Step - Forward-facing Car Seats


Forward Facing Car Seats SP


Step by Step - Booster Seats


Booster Seats SP

How the child fits in the car seat

These four guides run through how to check if the harness is sitting correctly on the child. An ill-fitting harness is an unsafe harness.

Step by Step - Low-Birth-Weight Infants for infants under 3.5kg's


Low Birth Weight SP


Step by Step - Harness Level Rear-facing to show where the harness should sit on children in rear-facing car seats and infant carriers


Harness Level Rear Facing SP


Step by Step - Harness Level Forward-facing to show where the harness should sit on children in forward-facing car seats


Harness Level Fwd Facing SP


Step by Step - 5 Step Test from 10 - 12 years of age* to check if a child is ready to move out of a restraint and onto the seat of the car


5 Step Test SP