Fire Season - Keeping Children Safe

The upcoming fire season and our family:

We are always being asked to prepare our properties for fire season, but what about being prepared if caught in a fire with children.

Last year Kidsafe Tasmania was fortunate to be in an exchange of idea with Safe Kids Worldwide and talk with some colleagues in America who had some good advice we would like to share with you.

In case of a fire emergency and you must leave you house quickly, pack a bag for your child that contains,

  • Medication they require, such as asthma treatment and prescribed medication. Some children’s pain killer such as Panadol/ Nurofen - age appropriate.
  • A favourite toy, book or something to comfort them that they are familiar with.
  • If they have a dummy, have a spare on hand.
  • A change of underwear. 
  • And a tag you can pin on them with their name and some contact details.

These are good things to help your child feel safer with familiar items from their home.

Re-pack this bag at the beginning of every fire season and have in a place you can easily grab in an emergency.

Keep drugs out of reach of children.

Familiarise yourself with the Tasmanian Fire Service information on fire safety in an about the home and ensure your child knows how to evacuate your house and where there is a safe meeting place.

Useful links:

Tasmanian Fire Service

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