Home Safety Checklist

Do you know how safe is your home? With the Corona Virus keeping our children at home full time, safety around the home is even more critical than usual - with trying to keep the children active and engaged.

This is a good time to reintroduce to you the home safety checklist - a simple way to assess your home for changes that are needed to keep your children safe. Click here to download the Home Safety Checklist for printing. Part of the checklist is shown below.


The key messages of home safety are;


  • Pools and spa's are fully fenced, with well maintained, self closing gates.
  • Hot water from the bath taps at a safe 50 degrees celsius.
  • Barriers such as stairs and fire guards in place to keep children away from hazards.
  • child restraint latches fitted to cupboards where dangers like medicines, cleaners, matches and lighters are stored.
  • Smoke alarms installed with fire brigade advice and checked regularly.
  • Play areas fenced off from the street and the driveway.
  • The Safety of children may be affected by:
  • Unsafe environmental conditions - for example, access to dangerous items or situations that are inappropriate to the childs understanding and stage of development.
  • Unsuitable activities - for example using a pair of scissors.  A small child may not be aware of the dangers involved.  The activity does not match with the childs abilities and stage of development.
  • Lack of adult supervision - for example parents / carer may over-estimate their childs abilities to cope in a different situations or environments or undersestimate the potential for dangers in various situations and environments to children.

REMEMBER: children are very curious and will take every opportunity to learn and experience their environment. They can be 'out of site' very quickly!


To take a tour of the Kidsafe WA Safety Demonstration House please click link below: 


WA Safety Demonstration House


The home is the most common location where children are injured.  Kidsafe Tasmania are expanding our services to ensure the sharing of consistant child safety messages across various cultrures, communities and professionals.