First Aid for Burns - info for new arrivals to Tasmania

This program provides information on burns prevention and first aid for families that have recently arrived to Tasmania. The Tasmanian Burns Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital partnered with the following agencies to deliver this material: Public Health, Department of Health Tasmania; Kidsafe; Migrant Resource Centre; RedCross; Tasmanian Fire Service and the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA). The project also received a Kidsafe National Burns Awareness Month grant. The focus of the project was to provide a translated resource for individuals and families arriving in Tasmania on a skilled migrant visa, Refugee and humanitarian visa and international students.

Please see below links to resources translated into Nepali, English and Simplified Chinese that can be used for all individuals and families in Australia to prevent burn injuries from occurring in the home and provide education on Burns First Aid.



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NEPALI THS Keep safe from Burns Posters_19 July


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CHINESE  THS First Aid Burns Posters_19 July


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 ENGLISH THS Keep safe from Burns Poster