Holiday Safety

Campfire safety

Some of us are off camping and enjoying the beautiful summer weather we are experiencing now.
Kidsafe Tasmania would like to remind you of the importance of campfire safety.
We are experiencing some extremely hot days and bushfire are easily started and preventable accidents can occur especially with children around if we don’t take some simple precautions.
Kidsafe Tasmania, suggest you use the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Services advice.

  • You will find this useful advice on their site and more.
  • How can I safely manage my campfire?
  • Where available, use established firepits;
  • Keep your campfire at least 3 metres away from overhanging branches and other flammable material;
  • Don't light your campfire on peat soils or grassed sand dunes;
  • Don't leave your fire unattended;
  • Make sure you extinguish your campfire with water;
  • Check your fire is cool to touch before you leave it and
  • Soak it. Stir it. Soak it again.

On total fire ban days, no fires are permitted.