Home Safety Community Actions Kit

This kit and resources have been prepared using the Kidsafe WA documents as a model, as a guide to health professionals and other interested people.

The Community Action Kit is intended to be a reference resource to provide information about child safety in the home, for use within each individual community.

The Kit can simply be used as a reference for information on injury prevention in the home, but can also be used to assist with coordinating workshops and presentations, and running community activities.

There are two main parts, Part 1 Injury and Prevention - background on eight major types of child injuries which occur around the home, followed by child injury prevention by location within the home.


Part Two - Community & Parent Workshops provides assists you with disseminating information about home safety prevention. Part Two includes a power point presentation which is accompanied with speaker notes and a workshop plan. The Frequently Asked Questions section will assist you to answer any queries you may receive at workshops or general queries.

The Injury Prevention in the Home DVD can either be used in conjunction with the presentation or as a stand alone promotional resource. Furthermore, additional resources which may be helpful have been inserted into the back of the Kit.

Additional background information can be found in the documents below (click on the links) - statistics on child injuries, parents knowledge, attitudes and beliefs on child injuries.

Resources can be ordered from Kidsafe Tasmania. Ph: 0417 381 721     Email: tas@kidsafe.com.a

It is Kidsafe Tasmania’s intention to update information in this resource when required. 

Part 1 - Injury and Prevention   

Resources available from Kidsafe Tasmania
Welcome to the kit

Introduction to the Home Safety Community Action Kit

Injury Risks by Stage of Child Development
Major Types of Injuries in the Home

Child Injury Prevention by Location within the Home
Community Activities - How to Get Started

Home Safety Checklist

Part 2 - Community and Parent Workshop

Community and Parent Workshop
Frequently Asked Questions
Parents Knowledge Attitude and Beliefs
Home Child Injury Case Studies
Evaluation Form
Powerpoint Presentation Slides