Change Tables

Things you might consider when thinking about change tables either in your home or at a business.

There’s no Australian Standard for change tables

So it’s important to look carefully at the safety features of any change tables you’re interested in.

If you choose to use a change table, these tips can help you choose one that’s safe:

  • If the table has a child safety harness it must be no longer than 30cm in the tail (to stop strangulation) and raised sides that are at least 100 mm higher than the changing surface.
  • Make sure there are no gaps or spaces at the top of the table.
  • Check that the table is attached to a stud in the wall, stable and if it has locks make sure they are secure.
  • Look for a table that’s a good height for most users, so they are not bending uncomfortably.

Using a change table safely.

  • If you do use a table, these tips can help keep your baby safe:
  • Make sure all the clothes, wipes, nappies and other gear you need are within arm’s reach before you lay your baby on the change table.
  • Stay with your baby while they’re on the table. Always keep a hand on your baby to stop them from wriggling off.
  • Teach older children to keep off the change table.
  • Make sure you don’t overload the side pouches
  • Don’t use the change table when a child becomes too big, have a mat available to change on floor.
  • Signs with important messages should be displayed and visible for parents and carers to read.

Care should be taken when using a change table. If babies fall from a distance of up to 1.5 metres to the floor or onto other furniture, they can suffer serious injuries or fractures to the body.

In consideration of people with certain disabilities.

  • Bold or busy patterns with bright colours are not recommended as some people may be over-stimulated by these.
  • Consider increasing the luminance contrast of all fixtures and fittings to the wall surface.
  • Baby and child-like decorations are not considered appropriate. Changing Places design specifications 2020 |11

Other information to consider if installing in a business:

  • Cleaning according to COVID regulations to be adhered to.
  • Check with Early Childhood Australia for advice.
  • Table must be contained in a separate space from children.