National Burns Awareness Month June 2023

NATIONAL BURNS AWARENESS MONTH JUNE 2023 - click here for national media release

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Protect your family this National Burns Awareness Month.20 Minutes 2021

Media Release: National Burns Awareness Month 1 - 30 June 2023 - click here for national media release

20 minutes of cool running water is critical!

“If a burn or scald happens, it is critical that cool running water is applied to the area for 20 minutes. Correct first aid can make a significant difference in the rehabilitation and long-term outcome of a scald or burn injury”, said Jenny Branch-Allen, CEO Kidsafe Tasmania. 

During National Burns Awareness Month, Kidsafe Australia, in partnership with the Australian & New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA), is encouraging parents and carers to learn how to prevent burn injuries and to apply the correct first aid every time.

According to data from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ), in 2020/21, 1,009 children under 15 were admitted to burns units across Australia and New Zealand – approximately 19 per week.

The primary cause of injury to these patients was scalds (49%), in particular scalds from hot drinks such as tea and coffee and food (liquid or solid). The home or usual residence was the most common place of burns or scalds for both children and adult patients (76% and 58%, respectively). 

The statistics also reveal that 26% of children and 43% of adults (≥16 years) did not receive the recommended best first aid treatment for their injury, underlining the critical importance of community education on burn and scald first aid.


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Preventing Burns Around the Home

During National Burns Awareness Month, Kidsafe Australia is encouraging parents and carers to download and use their Burns Safety Checklist (see below) to prevent burns around the home, and to ensure they are aware of the correct first aid steps to take in the event that someone sustains a burn:

Correct First Aid Steps

  • Remove - remove yourself from danger. Remove any clothing and jewellery from the burn area unless well stuck to the skin
  • Cool - place the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes. Never use items like ice, oil or butter as these can make the burn worse
  • Cover the burn with a clean dressing
  • Seek medical attention if the burn or scald is on the face, hands, feet, genitals or buttocks, is larger than a 20-cent coin or blistered

Home Burns Safety Checklist

Use this Home Burns Safety Checklist to check the safety of your home.
If you tick ‘NO’ to any of the questions, make a change so you can tick ‘YES’ and keep your family safe!

Click here to download the Home Burns Safety Checklist



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