Safe Transportation of Children

Safe Transportation of Children (Education & Care Services)

The Education Council has agreed to new requirements under the Education and Care Services National Regulations (National Regulations) for providers of education and care services that offer, or arrange, transportation of children as part of the education and care service.

The new requirements will commence on 1 October 2020 in all states and territories.

Click here for an information sheet explains the new requirements for providers and their services.

When risk assessing their child transport, Education and Care services must consider:

  • The proposed route and duration of the transportation
  • The proposed pick-up location and destination
  • The means of transport
  • Any requirements for seatbelts or safety restraints under a law of each jurisdiction in which the children are being transported
  • Any water hazards
  • The number of adults and children involved in the transportation
  • Given the risks posed by transportation, the number of educators or other responsible adults that is appropriate to provide supervision and whether any adults with specialised skills are required
  • Whether any items should be readily available during transportation (for example, a mobile phone and list of emergency contact numbers for the children being transported)
  • The process for entering and exiting the education and care service premises and the pick-up location or destination (as required)
  • Procedures for embarking and disembarking the means of transport, including how each child is to be accounted for on embarking and disembarking.