One to Three Years

Children are very mobile walking, climbing, can turn knobs, dials and taps and imitative play.

  • Water is a particular danger at this age. Ensure the pool or spa is isolated by a four sided fence with a self closing safety gate, there are resuscitation instructions and safety signs by the pool and children are always supervised anywhere near water

  • Empty the wading pool or bath immediately after use. A child can drown in 5cm of water.

  • Ensure play equipment has suitable impact absorbing surfacing under and around the equipment.

  • Ensure all medications, cleaning products and hazardous substances are locked up out of sight and out of reach including dishwashing liquid or powder which can cause serious burns to the mouth and throat of a child. Look for cleaning products safe for children.

  • Teach children to sit quietly to eat. Avoid foods such as peanuts or hard chunks of food that may cause choking.

  • Guards for heaters and fires should be attached to the wall and choose low fire danger/fire safe nightwear .

  • Install guards on stoves with saucepans handles turned to the rear.

  • Ensure that children use child restraints at all times and the harness is adjusted to fit securely and is at the right height for the child.

  • Get children out of the car on the kerbed side .

  • Use harnesses in highchairs, prams and strollers and other baby furniture.

  • Learn basic first aid and have a list of emergency numbers. Consider doing a kids first aid course.

  • Ensure hot water is safe - install a tempering valve to 50 degrees or use tap covers.

  • Ensure children wear a well fitting, appropriate helmet when riding bikes or using skateboards and roller skates.