Stages in growing up safely

Now is the time to think about child safety issues, purchases and changes you will need to make to your home and environment to keep your baby or child safe as they grow. Visit the Kidsafe House for examples and more information.

At each stage of your babies development new safety risks are presented. Children start to roll over, reach for objects, grasp, put objects in their mouth and may be sitting up. Before they are one year old, children sit up, crawl, pull themselves up to stand, take their first steps holding on and with a great sense of curiosity. This can bring with it a new area of safety issues.

Between one and three years children are very mobile walking, climbing, can turn knobs, dials and taps and imitative play, and before long they become highly active: running, jumping and climbing. They are adventurous and imitate adults and other siblings.

Click on the age bracket of your child for some details on what to expect at different ages, and how to keep them safe.