Burns and Fire Awareness

Kidsafe Tasmania encourages parents and carers to download and use their Burns Safety Checklist to prevent burns around the home, and to ensure they are aware of the correct first aid steps to take in the event that someone sustains a burn:

  • Remove - remove yourself from danger. Remove any clothing and jewellery from the burn area unless well stuck to the skin.
  • Cool - place the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes. Never use items like ice, oil or butter as these can make the burn worse
  • Cover the burn with a clean dressing
  • Seek medical attention if the burn or scald is on the face, hands, feet, genitals or buttocks, is larger than a 20-cent coin or blistered.


Recently released data from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) shows that in 2018/19, 906 children aged under 15 were admitted to burns units across Australia and New Zealand - approximately 17 per week . The statistics also reveal that nearly one third (28.7%) of children, 37% of adults (16-64 years) and 50% of older adults (65 years +), did not receive the recommended ‘gold standard’ initial first aid treatment for their burn injury, underlining the importance of continued education on burns first aid.

The home is the most common location for childhood burn injuries, with the majority occurring in the kitchen (45.9%) and over a third when the child was near someone cooking (34.7%).

Kidsafe Australia spokesperson, Holly Fitzgerald, highlighted the importance of burns prevention, especially coming into the winter months when there is an increased risk of burns and scalds. “It’s important as parents and carers that we remain vigilant and take action to help reduce the risk of burns to children. Along with active adult supervision, important prevention steps include keeping children out of the kitchen when meals are being prepared, placing hot food and drinks out of reach and restricting children’s access to potential burn hazards including heaters, treadmills and household appliances”, said Ms Fitzgerald.

Burns Awareness Month - June 2022

For full details on National Burns Awareness Month, click here.

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