Kidsafe Tasmania

Kidsafe is a nationally based charitable, non-government organisation dedicated to child safety through the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the severity of unintentional injuries to children under the age of 14 years.

Its aim of a safer world for kids is achieved through community education, research, advocacy and environmental and legislative change.




National Kidsafe Day (25 October 2016) was all about awareness!!


Kidsafe and Ice Age Road Safety

Kidsafe, in conjunction with Ice Age Collision Course, have developed some exciting road safety resources.  This is due to generous support from 20th Century Fox.

All of the resources featuring Scrat and the Ice Age herd can be downloaded for your community.  Although National Kidsafe Day is over, you can still download the information sheets and posters - see below.

Kids will love the activity sheets.  Parents and educators can use the posters and information sheets to create cute but interesting newsletters or social media posts.

For more information visit or contact Kidsafe in your state or territory.

Thanks again to Scrat and the herd, and thank you for accessing these resources and working together to make a safer world for kids!   

Posters - click on links
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Stop, Look, Listen, Think!
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Wear a Helmet!

Road Safety Information Sheets - click on links
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Safe Cross Code
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Safe Travelling
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Seatbelt Safety
National Kidsafe Day 2016, Ice Age and Wear a Helmet

NKD 2016 Proudly Supported by ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE

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Some child safety facts - why Kidsafe is working hard for children

More Australian children aged 1 - 14 years die as a result of injury than from cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined. In 2005, 35% of all deaths in this age group were due to injury.

Every day, 5000 children require medical attention and around 180 children are admitted to hospitals in Australia as a result of injury. Some of these children will suffer permanent scarring or disability as a result of their injury. Tragically, around four children per week will die as a result of injury.

Since Kidsafe's establishment in 1979 the number of Australian children killed by unintentional injury has been halved.

This website is designed to provide valuable information about baby safety and child safety. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.