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*Season Greetings*

The team at Kidsafe Tasmania would like to wish you the compliments of the season and advise that the office will be closed 24th December 2014 - 7th Jan 2015.

Kidsafe is a nationally based charitable, non-government organisation dedicated to child safety through the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the severity of unintentional injuries to children under the age of 14 years.

Its aim of a safer world for kids is achieved through community education, research, advocacy and environmental and legislative change.

More Australian children aged 1 - 14 years die as a result of injury than from cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined. In 2005, 35% of all deaths in this age group were due to injury.

Every day, 5000 children require medical attention and around 180 children are admitted to hospitals in Australia as a result of injury. Some of these children will suffer permanent scarring or disability as a result of their injury. Tragically, around four children per week will die as a result of injury.

Since Kidsafe's establishment in 1979 the number of Australian children killed by unintentional injury has been halved.

This website is designed to provide valuable information about baby safety and child safety. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.